For 100 years, Cards Against Humanity has brought joy and laughter to homes around the world. Now, you can experience the magic like never before with our ultra-limited 100TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, featuring all 600 cards rendered in solid gold foil. And for a limited time only, explore the game's enduring legacy with an exclusive selection of 30 out-of-print cards from the original 1923 edition that stood 
the test of time.


To usher in Cards Against Humanity's second century, we are launching an exhilarating assortment of new expansions and packs designed to lift the iconic game to new heights of humor and whimsy.

Hot Box

As the dawn breaks on a new era of Cards Against Humanity, an enormous new expansion emerges on the horizon. Bathing the world in its glorious light is the all-new Hot Box, featuring 300 scorching cards to set your deck of Cards Against Humanity on fire!

Culture Wars Pack

If there's one thing all Americans can agree on, it's that half of Americans should die. Celebrate political polarization and algorithmically-induced outrage with the all-new Culture Wars Pack, featuring 30 cards about the most important issues that we are totally incapable of having a productive conversation about.

Pop Culture Bundle

One fact is certain: the culture of 2023 is very different from the culture of 1923. For example, we've made tremendous advances in the fields of medicine and pornography! To honor this and more, we've assembled a bundle of packs to enliven your deck with timely cultural references. It even includes a selection of exclusive new cards including "Getting shot by Alec Baldwin" and "Jeremy Renner getting run over by his own snow plow like a fucking idiot."

Smarty Pants Pack & School Sucks Pack

Children are the future—not just for the world, but for the continued profitability of Cards Against Humanity LLC. Are you the terrified parent of a child who's smarter than you? Consider the Smarty Pants Pack, with 30 new, deliciously cerebral cards that only your little genius will understand. Are you the disappointed parent of a child who will tarnish the family name for generations? Then say "okay" to the School Sucks Pack, with 30 all-new cards about the soul-sucking child-prison known as "school."

Class Clown Bundle

But wait, there's more! The new Class Clown Bundle includes not only the Smarty Pants Pack and the School Sucks Pack, but also the Written By Kids Pack and 30 totally blank cards for your foul-mouthed little Shakespeare to fill with scatological poetry. At only $14, it's the best deal for your family since the invention of contraception!

Business Walrus

Do you like money? Do you like walruses? Do you like convincing walruses to invest their vast fortunes in ridiculous products? Then check out our 2.0 edition of ClickHole's Business Walrus—now with improved design, revised content, and real billion dollar bills you can use to fool the elderly or acquire Twitter.


Over the past century, humanity has weathered world wars, pandemics, depressions, the rise and fall of great powers, and other stuff. But through it all, Cards Against Humanity has endured—a candle in the darkness, a friend who's always there with the perfect joke about diarrhea, right when you need it. So raise a glass to another century of whimsy!

From our family to yours,

Cards Against Humanity